Empowering Communities with basic Education, Nutrition and Healthcare

Our organization is dedicated to uplifting the less privileged through sustainable initiatives on behalf of CSR initiatives of Kalakarbd. From basic education to healthcare, we strive to empower communities in need, fostering a future of equality and opportunity.

About CallingBell

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At CallingBell, we are a passionate collective aiming to ignite positive change in society on behalf of the CSR initiative from Kalakarbd. Rooted in Bangladesh, our voluntary organization thrives thanks to our dedicated professionals and the tireless support of hundreds of volunteers. Our core mission resonates with the global vision of nurturing compassion through philanthropy.

Through pioneering programs, we bridge the gap between requirement for basic education, nutrition and healthcare with delivery of the same at different levels of capacity throughout Bangladesh. Central to our cause is the provision of free basic education, essential resources and unwavering support of mentors. Our ethos emphasizes teaching with compassion, nurturing individuals who embodies and inspires greatness beyond professional skills.

At CallingBell our commitment extends beyond education; we provide basic healthcare requirements and nourishment to those in need. Join us, as we continue our journey of empowerment, transforming lives and fostering a world where every individual thrives.

What We do?

Provide support to underprivileged section of the society specially extreme poor/ homeless and orphan children through quality education ,nourishment & shelter.

Education For Children

Providing study materials for homeless children along with volunteer mentors to pave the way for free basic education

Food For Hunger

Providing daily meals for underprivileged children in orphan shelters and homeless children besides women and the elderly


Providing quality clothing for homeless children and children in orphan shelters

Our Mission

At CallingBell, our mission is to create sustainable pathways for holistic development among the underprivileged in Bangladesh. Through comprehensive education, nutrition, and healthcare initiatives, we strive to empower individuals, nurture communities, and catalyze lasting positive change.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a Bangladesh where every individual, regardless of socio-economic background has access to quality education, nutritious food, and essential healthcare. We aspire to build a society where opportunities are abundant for every person to realize their full potential.

Current Projects

Here’s an in-depth view of our current projects that we have initiated across Bangladesh.

Meet CallingBell Initiator

As part of CSR initiative on behalf of Kalakarbd, meet our chief initiators

Md. Arifuzzaman

Managing Director

Arot Limited,(Super Shop)

From 2022 calling Bell

Honors & Masters from DU

Md Mamun Or Roshid


MA Green Energy Ltd

BBA, MBA from National University,

Popular Tv Series Script writer Noveler